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StationBox® InSpot

StationBox® InSpot
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Kategori:RF Ellements
Harga:Rp 245.000,00
StationBox® InSpot is indoor enclosure designed for building of wireless hotspots.

StationBox® InSpot directly supports MikroTik RouterBoard RB912, RB711 and RB411, also accomodates integrated RB751s and RB951s.
InSpot enables installation on the firm wall or on the ceiling tile.
Paket ini hanya Box only, Tidak termasuk Routerboard, Pigtails dan Antenna



StationBox InSpot Contents

  • 1 Mounting Bracket for RB411/RB711
  • 2 Mounting Bracket for RB751/RB951
  • 3 Screws and Wall Plugs
  • 4 Plastic Screw
  • 5 Body
  • 6 Cover

  • Designed to Fit Any Interior

    InSpot is designed to fit indoor environment. Grooves on the side of enclosure allow ventilation. InSpot also offers enough space for additional equipment, as USB drives, 3G modems, 3rd party antennas or power converters.

    Easy Installation Without Tools

    We incorporated snap locks and twist locks wherever possible to make the installation and maintenance easy and smooth.


    Using 4dBi omni you can achieve excellent results in large interiors as campuses, storages, entrance halls or shopping galleries, as well in offices, hotels or hospitals. It is easy to integrate 3rd party antennas to fit specific user requirements.

    Seluruh harga yang tercantum di atas belum termasuk PPN 10% dan biaya pengiriman.


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